Online Personal Coaching


If you want a one on one training program with me, then this is it. I am taking you every step of the way step through phone calls, Skype video call and emails guidance throughout the month.

This program includes:

  1. *A one-month personal coaching with weekly Skype calls and check-in by me.
  2. *A customized exercise selection for your need.
  3. * A one month custom at Home workout program.
  4. *Customized meal plan with exact macronutrient and calorie calculated for your goal.
  5. *My cell number to chat/call me anytime you need to.
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Once you purchase this program, please send me the information below so I can design your program and meal plan. Don’t forget to indicate if you have any food allergies.

What I need?

  1. Your Weight
  2. Height
  3. Age
  4. Body fat percentage (it’s okay if don’t know)
  5. A brief description of your job (is your job active or sedentary?)
  6. Give a short description of what your weekends are like, do you move around more or are you more indoors watching TV.

( Please give me 24-48 Hours to create and send you your program).  Send to  Thank you!

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Weight Loss/Fat Loss Program, Weight Gain & Booty Building Program