31 Day Flat & Curve Challenge: ( Vol-I )


This 31-day Proven FLAT & CURVE Program will  Reset Your Metabolism, Burn Off  Belly Fat and help grow and Maintain Your Booty /Curves.

This is the best flat Ab and booty building and reshaping program, for all fitness level (has modifications for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced).

Includes a HIIT Cardio, Abs & total body challenge to tone and tighten loose skin. Comes with my full booty challenges.

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A precisely designed workout plan to help you achieve an hourglass shape through 3 to 5 days a week, full length home based workout training sessions.

With modification for all fitness levels and 31 days workout calendar.


Not a pdf program!! YOU get a full-length follow along video with audio. I am working out with you to motivate and push you down to the end.


You get a simple, follow-along abs & HIIT workouts video per day to deliver real lasting result, increase your metabolism and burn off  fat on the problem area. 


You get my full  booty routine  to  continually  challenge, strengthen and build your booty and curves.


Full video training till the end of 31 days with details on how to perform each exercise move with proper form, sets, reps and rest periods in-between .


My nutrient guide helps you know what to eat, the quantity and calories  needed  to quickly start seeing changes within the first week.


There are full shopping list of healthy food options to burn belly fat and nourish your whole body. Including, carbs, fat, protein, snacks and drinks.


With my full protein guide you won’t be confused of the right protein selection to help you quickly see changes in your body.


You get to enjoy varieties of healthy meals with right nourishment to burn fat, build  and reshape your body.


Sending you messages weekly to keep you motivated


You have my full attention, you won’t be stuck at any time with no one to talk to and share your problems with. Just email me and you would  get your problem solved 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week.

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About Me

I’m Abigail Ekweghi and I love to help you reach your health and fitness goal, together we can do it.

Why should you trust that I would?

Well here are few things about me and why you should trust me when I say I will get you results; I started my fitness journey over 10 years ago at a place probably similar to yours right now.

I was still in high school/secondary school and had fully developed boobs with little or no ass. I hated the way I looked and wanted to change it so badly.

Then I started researching and discovered that I could better my looks with fitness, but the biggest problem I had was figuring the right program to help get me the shape I wanted.

I knew what I wanted to look like or how I wanted to look, but I didn’t know where to start.

Months into the confusion, I was introduced to an early morning run. The idea was that it will help me burn off excess fat from my body and build my lower body.

With the hope that I would burn off the excess fat that I was carrying on my upper body and boobs to at least balance them up with my lower body, I quickly jumped into the morning run routine.

For years I would run early morning 3 to 7 days a week.

The results came, I lost some body fat and got my body to look straight because my normal physique was like an inverted triangle, I was literally big up and smaller down.

And yes I was happy about the changes, but when I lost my body fat, my boobs sagged as well and my butt was still flat.

I was not really bothered that much about the sagged boobs, but I was very concerned about my butt.

But I still didn’t know what to do so I took a break from running, got busy with work and somehow forgot about my physical structure for some time, though I would think about it every now and then.

During those years I stopped running, I randomly followed a German yoga exercise DVD my sister gave to me.

Fast forward to 2013, my physique obsession came back and this time I was focused on getting my butt big by all means and also didn’t really want to lose weight anymore.

So I started looking for  ways to increase just my butt size and I found so many butt exercises on the internet.

I started doing them, but I was not eating right and I was not even applying the fundamental principles that would make those exercises work for me, because I was totally ignorant of them.

Because my training and eating was not right, I didn’t really see much changes in my buttocks size but I did notice that my butt looked lean, tighter and in better shape than before so I just continued the exercise.

Every now and then I will stop my butt workout and come back because of the nature of my job.

In 2016, I starting digging deeper and that was when I discovered the nutrition and training mistakes that were supposedly hindering my progress and even the one that sagged my boobs.

All this while, I  was just wasting my time with the wrong information and exercises that won’t even get me to my goal.

So I had to quickly change things  just  to try and see if it will work and this time, results were fast coming.

The results I was seeing gingered me up and I kept following my routine, experimenting new things and filtering off the garbage.

Trust me when I say, the internet is filled with lots of misinformation.

When I look back through past years, I  say to myself ‘ how I wish I knew what I know now’.

As a way to keep myself in check and to help ladies with similar struggle like me, I created my YouTube channel in June 2016.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of ladies better their body with my free YouTube workout videos which are usually not even complete programs.

I created  amabigail.com website toward the end of 2016 so I could provide full custom training program to help you with your health, fitness and body goals .

My dream is to provide you with the best workout programs and information to help you achieve your best body.

Now that you know my background, why should you trust I will help you get results?

 Well, I have gone through the many years of experimenting with different types of fat loss and muscle building exercises.

 I know  what works, and what doesn’t work , so I can confidently tell you what will get you the fastest result and cut off those baseless information  out there.

That way you don’t have to waste your valuable time doing exercises that are useless and won’t get you any result.

So I have done all the tails and errors for you, it is now left for you to click a button and you will have access to my complete guide to you reaching your dream body.

Here is the changes in my boobs after I corrected things 3 to 6 months from starting my channel

And here are random clips of my butt at different times starting from 2014



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